One strives to eat healthy and good food but then it is packed in plastic films or polyethylene trays that are often not recycled and much more often end up in the environment. For this reason, and for the new European provisions that have now become law, the new frontier of the food sector is the COMPOSTABLE PACKAGING: highly biodegradable bioplastics that can be disposed of in organic waste together with food waste.
“In recent years, companies have worked to give the paper the same performance as plastic: the solution is the coupling of paper with bioplastics, so the packaging can be disposed of in cardboard or, if dirty, in the wet” (Elena Farotto – Research Manager, COMIECO)
The industry has found different solutions: paper trays with external film in bioplastic (especially for fruit and vegetables), paper trays coupled with bioplastic with external film in bioplastic (for meat), packs entirely in bioplastic (salad in envelope) . We at Cartonsi know how attentive you are to the consumer, who in turn is increasingly devoted to the environmental issue, so we have already done some actions in this direction for some time now. >>> I NOSTRI PRODOTTI REALIZZATI IN BIO-PLASTICA. #WEBIODRESS

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